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Birth Flower Necklace

Birth Flower Necklace

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Looking for a unique and meaningful gift? Our birth flower necklace, available in both gold and silver color, is the perfect choice for any occasion. Made with stainless steel, it features a modern and simple style that will be cherished for years to come. Celebrate their birth month with this special piece.

Here's all the birth flowers and their symbolic meanings:

- January (Snowdrop): Snowdrops symbolize hope, rebirth, and purity.
- February (Iris): Irises represent faith, wisdom, and hope.
- March (Daffodil): Daffodils are associated with new beginnings and represent hope and rebirth.
- April (Daisy): Daisies symbolize innocence, purity, and love.
- May (Hawthorn): Hawthorn flowers are associated with hope and love.
- June (Rose): Roses are a symbol of love, passion, and beauty.
- July (Water Lily): Water lilies symbolize purity of heart and enlightenment.
- August (Poppy): Poppies represent remembrance, consolation, and deep sleep.
- September (Morning Glory): Morning glories symbolize love, affection, and mortality.
- October (Cosmos): Cosmos flowers represent harmony, order, and balance.
- November (Chrysanthemum): Chrysanthemums symbolize loyalty, friendship, and love.
- December (Holly): Holly is associated with goodwill, happiness, and protection.

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