About Us



I’m Julie Badro, a Syrian architect, fine artist and jewelry designer. My passion for jewelry started in 2014 during war in Aleppo and because ideas are bulletproof, I turned mine into a big dream starting with simple crafting methods to more professional techniques. My style is influenced by ancient civilization jewelry, specially ancient Egyptian jewelries (Pharaohs) mixed with the heritage and history of the old oriental Syrian culture. on the other hand, simplicity cannot be replaceable, therefor you will find all kind of styles either modern or oriental in our collections. From conception to completion, Julieopatra designs are looking for ingenuity, innovation and integrity of expression and elegance with an endless variety of colors, shapes and textures which makes in the end a single harmonious design.


Julieopatra is a name inspired from the mix of Julie Badro and Cleopatra who was the most beautiful queen of Egypt, known for her irresistible charm, and her presence combined with the fancy of her jewelries. This mixture makes “JULIEOPATRA” brand which presents the charm of Cleopatra jewelry melting with the passion of Julie’s Syrian soul.